Duck is yellow and raggedy, smells like a blanket, feels soft and woolly, and can do nothing without his hero, and his best friend. Everything is rosy, until one day Duck goes missing...

Duck is a simple yet heartfelt story of friendship and love showing us that we need others as much as they need us. Through movement and live music, follow the story of a boy and his best friend as they spend every waking hour together – soaring through the air, building skyscrapers up! up! up! (and seeing them topple to the ground) – before Duck mysteriously goes missing. When the boy ventures to search for him without any luck, we’re left wondering, will Duck ever be found again?

Duck is a truly beautiful story to share with those you love. Children will giggle and gasp and parents will be taken back to their childhood once again. This world premiere adaptation of Janet A. Holmes’ touching book, illustrated by Jonathon Bentley, is about the beloved things in our lives, and who we are without them.

Out of the Box festival offers opportunities for children to engage in arts-rich experiences to explore and extend in-class literacy and learning. Parents and Early Years Teachers can deepen young people’s engagement with and experience of the festival by talking to them about the different in-theatre experiences, workshops and activities before, during and after their day.

To help with this, the Out of the Box festival team has prepared numerous Creative Learning Guides which link the in-theatre experiences, activities and workshops at the festival with the Early Years Learning Framework. Key messages, learning activities and other resources are also included.

The Creative Learning Guide for Duck can be downloaded here.

Out of the Box 
An Out of the Box Production

Text by Janet A. Holmes
Illustrations by Jonathon Bentley
Published by Little Hare Books (an imprint of Hardie Grant Egmont)