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25 June - 2 July 2014
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Fly Away Home
5 to 8 years
12 to 17 Jun 2012
50 minutes
Gallery of Modern Art, Park Level, Children’s Art Centre, South Bank, Brisbane
FREE EVENT For groups of 10 people or more, bookings are required in advance as capacity is limited. Contact the Gallery's Education Bookings Office directly via email or 07 3840 7255.

Please note that the weekday school groups capacity for this event has now been reached. Search for other free activities here.

Leading contemporary Australian artist Fiona Hall makes extraordinary things from everyday materials. The interactive installation "Fly Away Home", commissioned by the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, explores the artist’s interest in the connections between migratory patterns of birds and people.

Young visitors and their families are invited to create their own bird species using templates and paper money, created by Fiona Hall, within a specially designed nest-inspired environment.

Installation view of Fiona Hall’s Fly Away Home artist project, December 2010 / First commissioned by the Children’s Art Centre for ‘21st Century: Art in the First Decade’ 2010/ Courtesy: The artist and the Queensland Art Gallery / Supported by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation 2010 / Photograph: Katie Bennett


About "Fly Away Home"

"Fly Away Home" is a large-scale installation by Fiona Hall for children and families, in which the artist has incorporated money as material for the work as well as for its symbolism. She designed paper money that children can use to make their own bird species and bird nest. Each banknote features a different migratory bird: people often migrate for similar reasons to birds - they make new homes where the weather is warmer, in a place with the right environment for raising a family - and this activity encourages children to consider their own experience, and the experience of their friends and families, of moving away and starting over in a new location.

The exhibition also includes a wallpaper created by the artist especially for the installation. The wallpaper design depicts birds native to Sri Lanka against a backdrop of pattern drawn from Tamil Tiger military camouflage. Integral to the wallpaper the artist has included the screening of a video work by the artist documenting the bird life visiting a Sri Lankan lake during the monsoon. These inclusions contribute to the making of an immersive environment inspired by the artist’s residencies in Sri Lanka over the past decade.

Download the Fly Away Home teacher's resources [PDF 379KB]